Evaluating the Performance Associated With Idea Flows in Industrial Design Teams

Shuo-Fang LIU, Yuan-Chin HSU


In industrial design education, design projects are discussed through team cooperation. However, only the discussion outcomes are typically collected. The cooperative relationships among team members are not recorded. This study adopted the idea flow analysis method proposed by Alex “Sandy” Pentland and proposes a mode, denoted as industrial design team idea mode (IDTIM), for analyzing the ideas developed by industrial design teams. Students from a design department at a university were recruited as the research subjects, and these subjects applied two types of discussion mode to execute the experiments. The experiments entailed using a reality mining approach to observe the students’ discussions according to five categories of interaction patterns. The IDTIM was applied for executing analytical tasks. The results are as outlined follows: (1) A team with high cooperation performance developed design works with relatively high quality; (2) visualizing the idea flow information facilitated clearly understanding the perspective of student team cooperation; and (3) using the IDTIM technique assisted instructors in effectively instructing team design projects.


Industrial design team idea mode, Team cooperation, Industrial design education.


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