Research on a Practice-Based Teaching Style Based on CDIO Engineering Education Mode—Taking a Teaching Reform on Electronic and Information Course Groups as an Example

Xue-jun ZHANG, Jin-wen DENG, Hua CHEN, Wei WEI, Xiong NIE, Hua-guang HE, Lin MO


Since the rapid development of science and technology has intensified global competition in the 21st century, it is an inevitable fact that the most talented and well-educated are in high demand. How to train high quality graduate student with higher application and practice abilities becomes an imminent problem which universities specialized curriculum teaching need to face currently. After investigated the current situation of teaching reform in home and abroad on, combined the selfish condition with professional training goal and summarized the effective methods and problems existing during the innovation experiment of teaching reform in recent years, the practice shows that the teaching reform using practice-based teaching style based on CDIO produces good results. Such an approach has many advantages: Firstly, it emphasizes the application and technical of the curriculum, and strengthens the training of practical and engineering ability. Secondly, it plays an important role in serving the request of The Economic Zone's Development strategy and providing reference for the experiment course system and the information management major reformation in other colleges and universities.


Practice-based teaching, CDIO, Teaching reform.


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