Construction of Training Course System of Logistics Management Specialty of Guangxi Local Colleges and Universities

Jia-qi ZHANG, Zhi-gao LIAO


Logistics experimental teaching is an important link in the teaching and training of logistics management major in Colleges and universities, the construction of logistics experiment course system affects the teaching quality and effect of the specialty. At present, the content of experimental course in local colleges and universities in Guangxi verified the specific function of logistics involved in the course of theory, it did not develop the comprehensive experimental skills of students, even it did not pay attention to the combination of local economic and practical requirements of the development of the experimental course system, it did not develop composite talents to meet the needs of the community. In this paper, the system of logistics management specialty experiment course system of Guangxi University of science and technology has been developed, in order to make the theory course and the experimental course coordination, unity and organic integration.


Logistics management specialty, Experimental course system, Local colleges and universities in Guangxi.


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