Research on the Reform of Material Forming and Controlling Engineering Major on the Basis of CDIO

Jin WANG, Li-Hua LI, Shao-Mei ZHEN, Guo-Xiang HAO


The idea and scheme of project teaching reform was put forward based on CDIO to change the low practical abilities of material forming and controlling engineering undergraduates. On the basis of the teaching characteristics of material forming and controlling engineering major in Qingdao Technological University, third level projects and second level projects were set up to support the subject teaching around the core curriculums and core curriculum group, in order to enhance students' practical abilities, and to reduce the separation between different courses in previous teaching. Furthermore, first level project was established, to cultivate the students’ abilities of using professional knowledge comprehensively. This teaching pattern is an effective attempt to reform undergraduate teaching quality and it could be used as a reference for the similar majors.


CDIO, Material forming and controlling engineering, Project teaching


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