Analogical Teaching About Two Advanced Nanotechnologies in Higher Education

Guang-Zhi YANG, Sun-Yi ZHOU, Jia WAN, Deng-Guang YU, Hao-Lin LI


Analogical teaching means that the students are taught in a manner with reasonable analogical comparisons of related knowledges in education. For higher education, this method is very useful tool for the college students to gain new knowledge and experience from the teachers and also their past knowledge systems. It is also useful to cultivate the undergraduate students’ learning skills and creativities. In the present investigation, two advanced nanotechnologies, electrospinning and electrospraying, are exploited to explain how to carry out analogical teaching for the senior students. Both of them belong to electrohydrodynamic atomization processes. The analogical comparisons not only play an important role in imparting the related generic working principles and material treatment processes to the students, but also in promoting them to discriminate their different details of their fundamental mechanisms for deep learning.


Analogical teaching, Higher education, Nanotechnology, Electrospinning, Electrospraying


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