A Comparative Empirical Research on English Learning Demotivators (ELDs) between Urban and Rural Junior High School Students

Li-xiang GAO, Hong-gang LIU


English learning demotivation refers to the situation where students will generate less enthusiasm for learning English due to the influence of several factors in the process of learning English. In this study, four different types of junior high school students from Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City, Anhui Province are chosen as the research object. By means of using empirical research methods, four factors were found: teacher-related demotivators, social environment related demotivators, learner-related demotivators and learning environment related demotivators. In addition, there exist significant differences on teachers’ basic teaching skills, learners’ language attitude, learners’ confidence and economic support between urban and rural students. Based on the above analysis, this paper put forward some suggestions.


Junior High School; English Learning; Urban-rural Differences


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