Safety Management Method of Coordinate-tetrahedron Centroid Localization Based on RSSI

Shui-ping ZHANG, Guo-hui LAN


Three-dimensional localization is one of the important technologies in wireless sensor networks. A new algorithm of RSSI aided three-dimensional space coordinate-tetrahedral centroid localization algorithm is proposed. Because the reality environment is often very complex, there is a case that anchor nodes tetrahedron consists of four does not contain unknown nodes, by filtering the high quality RSSI value, the distance between the unknown node and the anchor node is converted to the distance between the nodes and the anchor nodes, in that case, calculation and comparison of tetrahedral volume to rule out; Using the way of centroid iterative to solve tetrahedral which contains unknown node as well. In addition, the RSSI mean weighted centroid localization algorithm is used to solve the problem that the condition is not satisfied. Simulation results show that the algorithm better than just using tetrahedron of reference centroid localization algorithm on the error that this algorithm should be small, and increasing the average RSSI weighted algorithm improves the localization coverage.


Three-dimensional Localization; RSSI; Weighted Centroid Algorithm; Coordinate-T etrahedron Centroid Algorithm; WSN


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