Research on the Modern Chinese Legal System Optimization Pattern under Background of Chinese Dream and Transformation

Liu Jing


In this paper, we conduct research on the modern Chinese legal system optimization pattern under background of Chinese dream and transformation. Building a harmonious society, want to have a complete legal system one should every law system should be adjusted by the relevant legal system, different areas of the legal system should be connected, and organic coordination. Tend to provide can follow the rules of the social development. For the modern state, the rule of law itself is a fundamental problem, it can be to solve social contradiction and realize the fairness and the justice, to shape the cultural spirit of honesty and affection to create a basic institutional environment. In this paper, to deal with the challenges met with in the legal system, we proposer the novel perspectives that will then optimize the system, in the future, more things will be discussed and considered.


Legal System, Optimization Pattern, Chinese Dream, Transformation, Modern

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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