Research on the Developmental Trend of Western Psychology and the Influences on the Psychology Research in China

Liu Jing


In this paper, we conduct research on the developmental trend of western psychology and the influences on the psychology research in China. Psychology in psychology in China under the background of globalization, are based on Chinese culture and political background of indigenous psychology research, stick to the path of "Chinese style". At present, our country although psychology has made great progress, but also should see the level of psychological development in our country compared with Europe and United States developed countries still there is a gap. The development of health psychology is expected to be in the Chinese traditional health concept, build a bridge between and western modern science so as to achieve the framework of modern science and low consumption, efficient system of health promotion and improve the overall health condition of our country. The paper proposes the systematic solution to the corresponding issues that will be consequential.


Developmental Trend, Western Psychology, Psychology Research, China, Influence

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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