Research on the Electrical Business Logistics System Optimization Model based on the Evolutionary Game and Node Analysis

Yibin Sun, Liming Wang


In this paper, we conduct research on the electrical business logistics system optimization model based on the evolutionary game and node analysis. For warehouse layout is not reasonable, do not have a high level of the storage technology, automated storage utilization rate is low, the lack of warehouse management personnel, to optimize the storage management mechanism, the need to pay attention to the following principles: clear the optimization goal, optimization model of the real can type, accurate real-time operational data, data of complete integration, earnestly implement scheme, practical optimization algorithm, instant effective optimization scheme, solid support professionals, scalability optimization process, the overall return on investment evaluation. To achieve this goal, this paper proposes the new countermeasures that will be meaningful.


electrical business, logistics system, evolutionary game, node analysis

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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