Research on the O2O Model of Consumer Behavior under the Perspectives of Culture and Values

Haixia Zhang


In this paper, we conduct research on the O2O model of the consumer behavior under the perspectives of culture and values. Electronic commerce is striding forward O2O will follow the pace of history. O2O mode obvious advantages, is helpful to promote the development of the electricity industry. O2O model development has quietly changed our life, is not only the change of consumption patterns, but also poses challenges to the traditional industry. O2O core is through the sale, to provide information and services, to push offline store sales promotion information to Internet users, and take them to the entity shop to consumer goods or enjoy. This paper integrates the consumer behavior to propose the new O2O model which is innovative.


O2O model, consumer behavior, culture and values, perspective

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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