Research on the "The Dual University" Concept in Germany and the Reference Pattern for Applied University in China from Perspectives of Professional Development and Ability Training

Yuhong Qian


In this paper, we conduct research on the "The dual university" concept in Germany and the reference pattern for applied university in China from perspectives of professional development and ability training. The German dual system of higher education, which has created a new way to cultivate advanced applied talents, is of great significance to promote the development transformation of the undergraduate colleges and universities. However, the current domestic study of German dual system of higher education is relatively fragmented, and that most limited to the vocational college. Vocational college seems to be a German dual system of higher education. In fact, in the field of the higher education in Germany, set up the dual system has become a trend of the university curriculum. This paper proposes innovatively the potential combination of the Chinese education system with the dual university concept.


Dual University, Reference Pattern, Applied University, Ability Training

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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