The Effect of Vehicle Development on Technology Development of Automotive Testing

Mingjin Ma


In China, testing and maintenance of the car industry foundation is weak, rather late, and means of repair is relatively backward. Since the late 1980s, we imported vehicle inspection and maintenance of the emergence of a large number of devices, such as scanners, wheel alignment. Exhaust tester, the only engine analysis, etc., which in the past we had never heard, detection equipment has now become a tool for development of equipment maintenance enterprises, and enterprises also need more high quality professional personnel to operate these devices , the only way to meet the needs of the market. Car repair appear professional network, breaking the transmission of information in a spatial limitations of time, it comprehensively, quickly credit accurately the first time. Quickly spread to the global Internet, in our modern automobile maintenance industries, information technology has begun to emerge. In order to meet operational needs servicing sector, we required to perform some service technician which must master skilled Internet technology, have the ability to query some car maintenance information from professional automotive professional website, and analyze and study surface for a variety of complex situation can accurately analyze and judge, efficient troubleshooting and resolving various problems.


automobile; detection technology; development

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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