The Application of Experimental Research Centers and Research Oriented Model to Specialty Materials Experimental Teaching

Xuming Zhang, Dengyu Gai, Zhongyi Niu, Yunpeng Chang, Minghui Ding, Legan Hou


Experimental research center and research oriented model, is to test basic skills and the application of technology as the main line, to cultivate students' comprehensive experimental skills, to add professional and technical capacity and integrated design experiment teaching practice session, and introduce scientific research and experimental teaching, training students to scientific thinking to teaching model which analyze and solve problems. This mode has positive and stimulating effect on comprehensive quality and innovative ability for students using modern science and technology to solve practical engineering problems. This paper discusses the research status and the innovative application of materials science experiments and teaching professional research-oriented, and proposes an effective way to improve this kind of new model.


Materials science; Experimental teaching; Innovative applications

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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