Research on the Novel Empty Core Needle Transdermal Drug Delivery Mode and the Corresponding Advantages

Ding Tang, Xu Gao


In this paper, we conduct research on novel empty core needle transdermal drug delivery mode and the corresponding advantages. Compared with the traditional mode of drug delivery, transdermal drug delivery system advantages obvious: drug absorbed from the digestive tract, intestinal factors such as interference, "the first effect" can avoid liver can maintain the stability of the human body blood drug concentration to increase effectiveness. This paper analyzes the issues from the two aspects. (1) Transdermal Therapeutic System Analysis; (2) Microneedles in Transdermal Drug Delivery. By considering the experimental analysis, we conduct the numerical simulation on the mentioned issues. The experiment result verifies and reflects the general properties of the designed methodology that will enhance the overall research performance of the related topics.


Drug Delivery, Empty Core Needle, Transdermal, Corresponding Advantages, Mode

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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