Research and Application of GIS Information System of Pipeline Network of Oil Field Water

Xinwei Hou, Zhonghua Li, Jianjun Xu, Chuntao Zhao, Jing Zhang, Haibin Yao


Pipeline network of oil field water is established on the basis of GIS geographic information and SCADA platform, and monitor the running state of water supply system in oil field mining area in real time through data acquisition, instrument measurement and control, wireless network, water quantity, water pressure and other on-line monitoring equipment. The water supply system is formed, and the information of mass water supply system is analyzed and processed in a timely manner. The system manages the entire production, management and service processes of the water supply system in a dynamic manner in order to ensure water supply safety management, and realize the modernization, intelligence and information mode operation of the water supply system in the mining area.


GIS, SCADA, implementation monitoring, information analysis and processing, dynamic control, water supply system, intelligence, informatization

Publication Date

2016-12-13 00:00:00


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