Brief Discussion of Sustainable Development Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities

Qiong-Fang FENG


During the process of upgrading the education and teaching quality in universities and social development, innovation and entrepreneurship education plays an important role. We must depend on the idea of sustainable development to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship in universities to deeply understand and appreciate the education development direction of “people first”. Just centering on the principle of teaching development, we must well solve the contradiction between social development and education itself, constantly improving innovation education and teaching, striving to realize sustainable development. I make a deep research and discussion of those problems. With the increase of university graduates and “new situation” of our national economy, the employment situation becomes more severe, which requires university employment guidance to depend on the innovative spirit in the article, in the new historical background, to provide students with better employment guidance service, deepening employment guidance work. Entrepreneurship employment education is very beneficial for cultivating innovation consciousness for students and effective measures for increasing their employment ability and enriching knowledge and ability. There still exist some problems in the innovation and entrepreneurship education in national higher education. In this article I make a deep research and discuss the sustainable development mode of innovation and entrepreneurship education.


University; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education; Sustainable Development

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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