A Survey Analysis and Characteristics Study of Extracurricular Life Condition among College Students of Different Grades

Yin SUN, Yun-Xiang MA, Guan-Qi WANG, Jian-Hui XU, Kai-Yu XU


In the spiritual life of contemporary college students, extracurricular life occupies a very important position. Extracurricular time is also an important time to carry out political and ideology education. This paper takes freshman, sophomore, junior and first-year graduate students from Harbin Institute of Technology, totally 480 people as the study subjects. They were given questionnaires about their learning, use of Internet, sports activities, club activities, part-time jobs, self-assessment, individual demands and some other information. Through this survey, I realized how students of different grades spend their extracurricular time, and then analyzed the different characteristics of different grades, which is expected to provide reference for related student education authorities.


College Students, Extracurricular Life, Different Grades, Formatting, Countermeasure Study

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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