Exploration and Practice on the Teaching of Electronic System Design Based on Integration of Technology and Fashion

Hao LIU, Tian-Yu XUE, Qing-Chang MENG, Hao MA


With the advantages of the integration of the arts and technology of BIFT, this paper discussed the method of application-oriented talents in Arts and Engineering. Based on reform of teaching about electronic system design, the new knowledge and new technology of interdiscipline was introduced in the teaching practice. The curriculum reform has manifested the concept of Arts and Science, and put more emphasis on the organic integration of theory teaching and practice teaching. Combined with the academic competition and various extracurricular activities in science and technology, the reform of course realized the mutual complement between the inside and outside of the class practice teaching and cultivation principles of "high efficiency, continue to strengthen, step by step" in teaching processes was embodied. Through the above methods, our students had some abilities in Engineering design and practical, fashion and art design and team management and cooperation, etc. Thus their employment competitiveness and self-employment’s ability was enhanced.


Integration of Arts and Technology, Electronic System Design, Teaching Research

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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