Remote Sharing Platform Based on Embedded Experiment in Experimental Teaching Reform

Qian GAO, Pei-Qing NIU, Zhi-Tao DAI


This article introduces a remote sharing platform based on embedded experiment, which discusses deeply about the significance of auxiliary teaching tool for the embedded experiment, and the effect of applying it to practical teaching activities. This platform introduces sharing mechanism and automatic appraisal mechanism innovatively. It not only breaks the restrictions of time and space in practical education, improves utilization of experiment equipment, but also relieves pressure of teachers. In addition, through some pilot practice, this platform has acquired acceptance from both teachers and students, which further demonstrates the great practical use of this platform in experimental teaching, points out the direction of embedded teaching reform, and provides guidance for the development of other experiment teaching.


Educational Reform, Experimental Teaching, Distance Experiment

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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