Design of Test Paper Automatic Generation Based on C#

Dong-Sheng ZHOU, Fei PAN, Jia-Ming GAO, Mao-Ye XU


This paper mainly introduces a system about automatic test paper generation and duplicate checking based on the C# and SQL server 2008. The discuss how to use C# to operate Microsoft word 2010, including character formatting, domain controller, duplicate checking of word documents etc. Through the combination of C#, SQL Server 2008 and Word 2010, C# operates SQL server and read the data from it, outputs the data to the Word documents and formats the text. The software reduces labor capacity, the teacher only input the examination data and don’t consider the text format. Using the VBA programming, realizes the duplicate checking of over two Word documents, provides the repetitive rate. If the rate is over the setting rate, then the software can give the alert.


Test Paper, C#, Word, Database, Duplicate Checking, Automatic

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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