Innovation of Bilingual Teaching in Packaging Engineering at Institution of Higher Learning Based upon Requirement of Quality Improvement and Connotative Development

Man-Ru CHEN, Yu-Cong ZHAO, Gui-Fen GONG, Guo-Zhi LI, De-Qiang SUN


On the basis of comprehensively surveying the background and current situation of bilingual teaching implementation at institutions of higher learning, China, the distinct difference between bilingual courses and academic English for packaging in terms of bilingually educational model is clearly defined. It is emphasized that bilingual teaching in packaging engineering should protrude such kernel elements as packaging knowledge, and heighten the level of students who are able to apply foreign languages to carry on communications in discipline and specialty. In the meanwhile, the implementation of bilingual teaching ought to first and foremost be sustained, and how to foster the packaging professionals with international horizon and competitiveness is dwelled on. Ultimately, it is recommended that the innovative bilingual teaching model should be explored to accommodate the colleges and specialties concerned, inclusive of these key factors like teaching team, curriculum, teaching contents and resources, teaching means and methods, and the acceleration of the pace of course construction is taken as an important starting point and the connotative development of bilingual teaching is really implemented to elevate the quality of bilingual teaching in packaging engineering through deepening innovation of bilingual teaching.


Connotative Construction, Curriculum Provision, Bilingual Teaching Model, Teaching Means and Method, International Packaging Professionals

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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