The Overview of Excellence in Chinese Preschool Music Education

Chen-Yan DAI


This paper intends to probe into what kind of education can be counted as a good preschool education, what preschool music education is and the current status of college preschool education from the perspective of general knowledge in relation to education, concretely focuses on such questions as why we teach, what to teach and how to evaluate. Firstly, it is to know the purpose of preschool education and what kind of preschool education can be counted as a high quality one. Secondly, it discusses what to teach and how to evaluate preschool teaching. In the context of preschool education, it discusses the importance of preschool education, and the current status of Chinese preschool education policies and college preschool music course teaching. Lastly, this paper discusses the teaching status of global preschool music education, and compares it with the overall teaching situation and status of China preschool education.


Chinese Preschool Education, Music Education

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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