Exploration and Practice on the Development of Teachers’ Teaching Ability in Local University with Trade Characteristics

Guang-Ya ZHANG, Ling-Li FAN


Based on the current situation of the local universities with trade characteristics teachers teaching ability, setting up the teachers’ teaching development center, perfecting the teacher teaching development rules / regulations/support policy, formulating and implementing the teaching ability promotion plan, to solve the problem of setting teaching ability development institution and operating mechanism, the problem of insufficient development of teachers’ teaching ability, the problem in the teaching management, for example: attach importance to supervision and management, but despise teaching guidance, pay attention to all kinds of evaluation, but despise feedback, think highly of award and punish, despise teaching skills’ development. All of these improve the teaching ability of teachers significantly, improve the students’ academic development greatly. The exploration and practice have certain exemplary role to similar universities.


Teachers’ Teaching Ability, Characteristics, Training System

Publication Date

2016-12-08 00:00:00


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