Exploration on the Cultivation Mode of Micro-professional Talents in Taekwondo University



The wide application of information technology and the rapid change of social and economic environment have put forward higher requirements for the training of talents in Colleges and universities. Micro specialty, which is oriented by employment, can make up for the shortage of traditional talent training mode, and is one of the important ways to reform teaching mode. Taekwondo education micro professional talent training design, with a centralized, efficient and flexible training mode, enables students to quickly master the professional skills in Taekwondo education industry, supplement professional short board, improve professional skills and promote successful employment. It not only breaks through the traditional talent training mode in Colleges and universities, but also opens a new chapter of cooperation between industry and learning and collaborative education. In order to implement the spirit of the National Conference on undergraduate education of colleges and universities in the new era, promote the construction of "new engineering" and "new liberal arts", innovate the talent training mode, effectively make up for the problems of too small division of majors, too narrow caliber and too long training period, improve the matching degree between professional training and employment career development needs, and promote the cross integration of students' interdisciplinary knowledge and ability, this paper puts forward some suggestions High quality of personnel training.[1] Therefore, micro professional education and teaching came into being.


Micro specialty, Taekwondo education, Talent training mode


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