The Study of the Strategies of Students’ Effective Participation in College English Intensive Reading Teaching

Li FENG, Jing XU


The traditional college English intensive reading class is mostly taught by teachers, students are passive learners, and the learning atmosphere is serious and the study is inefficient, which cannot meet the high requirements of modern society for the practical knowledge and ability of contemporary college students. The traditional class education mode should now been changed. In English intensive reading class, students show negative participation or even non-participation, so the teacher has become the master of English class teaching. The communication between students and teachers in speech, behavior and emotion is not ideal, therefore, on the basis of the inability to interact, teaching becomes more boring, students are more reluctant to participate in it. To solve this problem, the author tries to analyze the internal factors that influence students’ effective participation in intensive reading class, and external factors affecting students’ effectiveness. The effective participation strategies are put forward.


English intensive reading teaching, College English teaching, Effective participation


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