Research on the Application of “Production-Oriented Approach” Based on Blended Teaching in College English Writing Teaching in Private Undergraduate Colleges

Jing XU, Li FENG


The “production-oriented approach” or POA theory believes that foreign language teaching should embrace such focus as “learning-centered”, “learning and use integration” and “key capabilities cultivation”. Besides, foreign language teaching should be designed as a process that starts with production and ends with production. In view of the merits of network resources and platforms in blended teaching mode as well as teaching process of “driving, facilitating, and evaluating” in POA, this paper explores the combination of POA and blended teaching to research on the feasibility and effectiveness of applying it to the teaching of college English writing in private undergraduate colleges. By analyzing the relevant research theoretical basis and research status, the author further elaborates on the specific implementation process of applying POA based on blended teaching in the college English writing teaching of private undergraduate colleges from the aspects of research significance research subjects, research methods, research content and data analysis. In terms of research content, the author specifically expounds the procedures from such detailed parts as before-class stage: production drive + online autonomous learning, in-class stage: input facilitating + offline classroom teaching, after-class stage: evaluation to promote learning + online correction and classroom display. This paper is expected to promote students’ writing interests and proficiency so as to provide a valuable reference for the reform of college English writing teaching methods.


Blended teaching, Production-oriented approach, College English writing


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