Optimizing Media Context of Ideological and Political Education Discourse



Context is the set of circumstances surrounding an act of speech, media working as a context has great influence on the ideological and political education discourse. Behind the rigorous media technology system is the conception of the world, social norms and perception patterns, which provide people with the way and discourse to understand the world. It is the interaction between media, information and people that mass media enter into the discourse of ideological and political education. However, there are still various challenges in the application of the media such as the ability of educators to use media needs to be strengthened, the media has lack of attraction, and all kinds of media fight as an independent unit, without realizing the resultant force. The ideological and political education discourse media context should be optimized under the following principles: both theoretical and practical principles, the combination of purpose and permeability principles, the combination of knowledge and interest principles. With the guidance of these principles, many measures should be taken to optimize the media context: Firstly, the cross-border thinking should be held and the shackles of traditional thinking should be transcended when choosing and designing the media. Secondly, media tends to be the optimal blending of oral media, text media and image media based on the utilization of various media carriers to achieve complementary advantages. Thirdly, educators should treat the new media of network education platform with an open and inclusive attitude and the courage of innovation and change.


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