Analyzing and Exploring the Line Art in the Newly Edited Huangmei Opera "Chicken Blood Notes"

Ting Chen


It is one of the indispensable elements in opera that plays characters with lines and promotes plot. Taking the newly edited traditional Huangmei opera "Chicken Blood Notes" as an example, the role of opera lines and dialects in highlighting the characters in the story and in the opera was analyzed and interpreted. This work summarized the three characteristics of the line art in Huangmei opera "Chicken Blood Notes", and discussed them layer by layer. It is concluded that the lines art of the opera should be consistent with the background of the times when the works are created. Only by grasping its characteristics accurately and comprehending its real intention and spiritual connotation can we endow the traditional works with vitality and make the classics permanent.


Huangmei opera; Tradition; Line; Spoken parts in an opera; Characteristics


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