The Co-development Performance Evaluation of Complex Equipment Based on Two-Stage Network DEA Method

Qian Yang, Yongbo Cheng


Based on the co-development model of "main manufacturer-suppliers" complex equipment with suppliers’ participation, we consider a three-echelon supply chain of complex equipment products, a two-stage network DEA performance evaluation model is constructed to evaluate the performance of manufacturer and suppliers reasonably. Subunits efficiency are optimized by the reverse efficiency value method of the whole supply chain, and be evaluated in the envelope surface projection to determine different input to improve value of the optimization of the supplier and the main manufacturers, as well as the coordinated development of operational efficiency of the whole supply chain, suppliers, main manufacturer, evaluate the coordinated development of the whole project operation level. Compared with the traditional DEA results, the simulation results show that the two-stage DEA performance evaluation model can evaluate the efficiency of main manufacturer and suppliers more accurately and comprehensively, so as to provide scientific decision-making and improvement basis for suppliers and manufacturer.


Complex Equipment; Collaborative development; Two-stage; Network DEA model; Efficiency evaluation


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