Everyone is Creative? Research on the Relationship Between the Work Orientation and Employee Creativity

Huanrong Liv, Zhang Xing, Yang Min, Guoshun Liu


Building on intrinsic motivation theory and learned industriousness theory, this study examines the relationship between work orientation and employee creativity, and tests the mediator of engagement and the moderator of the competitive work environment. Based on the samples of 280 internet companies, we found that three major dimensions of the work orientation have a positive effect on engagement. Furthermore, engagement has a significantly positive correlation with employee creativity, as engagement plays a partially intermediary role between work orientation and employee creativity. Finally, competitive work environment (CWE) moderates the relationship between work orientation and engagement, which predicts the employee creativity. Among them, CWE positively moderates career orientation and calling orientation, while negatively moderates job orientation. The above theoretical conclusions will have a positive impact on how modern human resources manage employee creativity.


Work Orientation; Engagement; Competitive Work Environment; Employee creativity


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