Application of Case-Based Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in Experimental Teaching of Pathology

Jie Zheng, Fenghua Zhou, Yuqing Liu, Hongxia Zhang


To determine the effectiveness of case-based flipped classroom teaching model in the experimental teaching of pathology. Clinical medicine students from Weifang medical University were selected and randomly divided into control group and experimental group. Case-based flipped classroom teaching mode was performed in experimental group students, whereas teaching was conducted using traditional method in the control group. The final examination score and comprehensive score of the experimental class were higher than that of the control class. Case-based flipped classroom can cultivate students’ autonomous learning, clinical thinking, analyzing and solving problems ability, the spirit of cooperation and stimulate enthusiasm for learning. Case-based flipped classroom teaching model can improve the teaching effectiveness and enhance the autonomy and learning flexibility of pathology experimental course greatly.


Case-Based Flipped Classroom; Experimental Teaching; Pathology


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