A Study on Learning Strategies in Significant Correlation with Oral Proficiency in Japanese

Huan He


In this paper, the correlation between Japanese learning strategies and oral proficiency is examined through investigation on the oral proficiency of Japanese learners as well as current situation of their application of various learning strategies by means of a variety of statistical methods such as SPSS frequency statistics, correlation analysis and independent sample T test in order to provide empirical evidence for learners to effectively grasp and apply such oral Japanese learning strategies. Besides, Investigations are made on the differences in the application of oral language learning strategies between good and poor learners and various key learning strategies significantly correlated to Japanese oral proficiency are analyzed to help learners broaden horizons for learning strategies and adopt effective strategies to improve their oral proficiency as well as provide inspirations for learners' self-learning and classroom teaching practices.


Learning strategies, Oral proficiency, Significant Correlation, Significant differences


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