The CDIOTC Teaching Method based on Practical Courses

Xiangmei Li, Guohui Rao, Zhi Qin, Shibin Zhang, Bin Han


In this paper, we first analyze the problems that are common in the teaching of traditional practical courses. For example, students' teamwork ability and responsibility cannot be improved, students are not interested in course learning, and they have no initiative of self-learning, the teaching effect is poor and so on. Secondly, the CDIOFC teaching method is proposed, which combines the educational concept of CDIO with the teaching mode of the flipped classroom, and redesigns the classroom teaching. Finally, the teaching method is applied to the network service configuration and management course. The implementation results show that the course teaching method effectively solves the problems existing in the teaching of the traditional practical courses. Herefore, the CDIOFC teaching method proposed in this paper is effective and worth promoting.


CDIO education concept; practical courses; flipped classroom; classroom teaching


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