An Investigation on Investments and Returns of English Extracurricular Courses for Junior High School Students—Take the Parents from an English Tutoring Institution in Beijing for Example

Chiawen Ho


In recent years, the fierce educational competition urges more and more parents and students to invest a lot of money, time and energy on extracurricular tutoring institution, among which English tutoring is one of the most vital aspect in nowadays’ primary and secondary extracurricular education. However, whether parents have received returns as they expect is a problem worth focusing on. In this study, the data from parents in an educational tutoring institution is collected and analyzed by quantitative method, to be more specific, questionnaire survey and SPSS. The results found that parents in Beijing generally pay much attention to extracurricular courses and put much investments on both money and energy. Meanwhile, extracurricular courses do help improve students’ performance in both short-term, learning scores, and long-term, like comprehensive abilities, habits, characters and so on. But parents’ degree of satisfaction still needs to be improved.


Junior high school students, English tutoring institution, extracurricular courses, investments and returns


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