Analysis on the Research Topic of “Service-oriented Economy” Based on Bibliometrics

Dan Liu


The service-oriented economy takes up an increasing proportion in China. The research on the theories and practice of service-oriented economy has gradually become the research hotspot. In order to know the situation of research on service-oriented economy, the author conducted the statistical analysis of the research essays about service-oriented economy included in CNKI with bibliometrics. According to the results, the research conducted from 2003 to 2008 focused on the exploration of the theories of service-oriented economy and the reflection on the current situation of China’s service industry, and the research conducted from 2008 to 2013 focused on the practice research of development of service industry and the research on the influence of service industry on the economic development. The author further reached the following conclusion: there is room for more in-depth and extensive research on service-oriented economy in China.


service-oriented economy; bibliometrics; regional characteristics


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