Education Reform Discussion of Sensor Principles and Applications Curriculum Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ideas

Xuewen Wang, Zhouhu Deng, Kun Dai, Chunxue Zhai, Yuan Zhang, Wu Zhao, Junfeng Yan


In order to enhance students' comprehensive qualities and deepen the innovative and entrepreneurial education reform (IEER), this paper discusses teaching content, teaching modes and methods of sensor principles and applications. A new system of the teaching content is arranged, and the teaching ideas take the students as the main body, and case teaching method may be first brought in classes. In the teaching process based in CDIO method, the sensor technologies may be considered into different-type practical subjects of different majors, the four two-combined measures are summed up in order to cultivate the innovative and entrepreneurial talents.


Education reform; CDIO method; sensor technology; two-combined mode


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