Feasibility Research on Incentive Measures for Adopting Environmental Friendly Technology

Zhi-xia Zhou, Ya-zhou Li, Shu-mao Guo


This research focuses on the design of environmentally-friendly technologies with incentives as the main research object. Through systematic review and analysis of the current status and decision characteristics of environmentally-friendly technology adoption, it collects data and determines the user's motivation and behavior measurement index system, so as to build environmentally-friendly technology adoption motivations and behaviors. Measure the model, and then use the structural equation fitting method to evaluate the user's motivation and behavior model. Based on this, set the environmental protection technology to use the incentive model, and use the experimental economics paradigm to conduct scientific tests to determine the effective incentives for environmental protection technology. Methods to provide scientific and applicable reference and reference for the formulation of incentive measures for enterprises and related institutions.


Environmental friendly technology; Incentive measure; Effective ways


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