A New Approach for Constructing Self-Evolution Three-Dimensional Innovation Ecosystem of a Regional Digital Economy

Zhengang Zhai, Nannan Wu, Yunya Zhu, Rong Zhu, Yinjie Wang, Lihua Zhang, Jing Cao


Innovation has some new changes today. Competition evolves into the competition of the ecosystem between companies, which is very obvious in the digital economic activities. However, many innovation systems have been only analyzed from the perspective of statistics and industrial chain with a single dimension, linear and static structure, which were not suitable for the development of the digital economy. This paper proposes a new approach to construct a three-dimensional innovation ecosystem of regional digital economy, which can self-evolution and includes six sub-ecosystems of innovation firms, human resources, financial capital, technological innovation, intermediary services organizations and policy environment. Disruptive innovation is the most important action. It is useful by approved of a case study. Using the ecosystem, the new business growth points and industrial formation are cultivated automatically.


Dynamic 3D Innovation ecosystem; Disruptive innovation; Self-evolution model


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