Research on Agricultural Products Marketing Channel Conflict Governance based on Three Party Game Model

Hui Zhang


Through the analysis of the behavior between the parties in the agricultural products marketing channel conflict, this paper constructs three-party-game model of the Agricultural-product Market Association (AMA), the farmer and the leading enterprise using the evolutionary game method, and then the equilibrium point is obtained. Based on the equilibrium point, this paper finds that the possibility of reconciliation chosen by the farmer and the leading enterprise depends on the cost of the mediation, the possibility of successfully mediate through AMA and the loss of not choosing reconciliation which should be bored by the farmer and leading enterprise. In addition, in view of the limitation of the regional distribution of AMA in China, this paper introduces another party-Farmer Professional Cooperatives (FPC), and then forms the effective path of channel conflict management.


agriculture products; channel conflict; three-party-game; governance path


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