Research on the Strategy of Combining Production and Research of Ice and Snow Culture and Digital Media

Hong Zhang, Wenjing Chen


As a kind of communication carrier presented by the image of ice and snow art and culture, digital media technology is the worthy of reflection and discussion in the development of ice and snow culture. At present, the major research institutes have carried out a series of research topics in combination with the development trend of the cultural industry, laying a solid theoretical foundation for the development of the ice and snow cultural industry. The cultural image of a city should be easily identifiable and impressive, and digital media technology has reconstructed the cultural image of the city to a certain extent. In the development of the ice and snow industry in the new era, it is not only the integration of technology, art and cultural functions that is pursued, but also the inter-embedding between the human environment, natural resources, and digital technological innovation. Digital technology has transformed the ideographic form of ice and snow art and cultural images, making it more diverse and instant interactive. Therefore, the continuous research of digital technology has promoted the sustainable development of the ice and snow culture industry, and the scientific research of the ice and snow culture industry has also It has become the driving force for the continuous upgrading of digital media.


Digital media, ice and snow culture, industry-research integration


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