The Path of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Eastern China from the Perspective of Global Value Chain- Based on an Analysis of the Development of Professional Towns in Anhui Province

Bin Yu, Xuliang Zhang, Huimin Liu


In recent years, the pace of China's integration into the global competitive market has been accelerating, and global value chain has become an important way for China to participate in the global economy. However, in the global value chain, China is not in a dominant position. The experience of OEM in the east coast also shows that it is very easy to be locked in the link of low value-added processing and production. Considering this, this paper analyzes the connotation of the global value chain and the ways of industrial transformation and upgrading under the global value chain. And then, taking the development of professional towns in Anhui Province as an example, using the relevant statistical data to carry out the analysis, it puts forward the path of industrial transformation and upgrading in the eastern region. Finally it provides suggestions for the sustainable economic development of the eastern region.


Global Value Chain, Eastern Region, Industrial Transformation, Development


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