A Study on the Influence of Entrepreneurial Resources Acquisition on MBA Students' Entrepreneurial Willingness—Based on the Moderating Effect of Entrepreneurs' Personalities

Zhenhao Xu, Yunlei Ni, Zhijun Wang


MBA students have both systematic theoretical knowledge and rich social experience. They are the new force of innovation and entrepreneurship. They form the core competitiveness of entrepreneurship by acquiring entrepreneurial resources. Based on the individual characteristics of entrepreneurs, this study constructs a research model to explore the mechanism between entrepreneurial resource acquisition and entrepreneurial willingness. It is found that the acquisition of entrepreneurial resources has a significant positive impact on entrepreneurial willingness, while the cooperation ability of entrepreneurs' personal characteristics plays a significant regulatory role. Therefore, this study proposes that colleges and universities should integrate entrepreneurial resources, strengthen personal characteristics training, and comprehensively improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ability and willingness of MBA students in innovation and entrepreneurship education.


Entrepreneurial Resources, MBA Students, Entrepreneurial Willingness, Entrepreneurial Personalities, Moderating Effect


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