Deconstructing the Cultural Connotation and Reconstructing the Carrier of Village Cultural Space—A Case Study of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Anxi Blue Calico

Yi Lei, Yaolong Wang


In order to promote the industrial and cultural Renaissance of rural areas, the spatial carrier beneficial to the protection and development of intangible cultural heritage should be rationally planned. Through the coupling relationship between intangible cultural heritage protection and the spatial carrier of village culture, the cultural connotation of intangible cultural heritage should be deconstructed and applied to the design of the spatial carrier of village. Through the full integration of blue calico, an intangible culture, and its spatial carrier, the benign development of culture and space can be formed from the perspectives of cultural reconstruction, spatial scale, temporal scale, lifestyle and new functions. Under the background of rural revitalization, the cultural connotation and characteristics of the villages should be improved, and an effective way to protect the intangible cultural heritage should be explored at the same time.


intangible cultural heritage, rural revitalization, cultural landscape


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