Research on Chinese-English Translation of Internet Buzzwords from the Perspective of Cultural Context—Examples Chosen from Internet Buzzwords of 2008–2018

Jing Yan Jing Yan, Xu-Yu Tao Xu-Yu Tao, Wan-Ya Zhang Wan-Ya Zhang, Han Yang Han Yang, Jian-Min Lai Jian-Min Lai


Language is the carrier of culture, and culture is the spiritual connotation of language. After the millennium, online life is changing with each passing day, and the development of vocabulary is in the midst of a big bang. The emergence of a large number of internet buzzwords has brought about a new transformation of the means of communication. The era has constantly put forward new requirements for internet buzzwords. With the continuous enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength and the gradual rise of Chinese culture, cultural output, cultural self-confidence and cultural consciousness are becoming increasingly important. Strengthening the research on Chinese network culture and translating China's internet buzzwords accurately and comprehensively have become an urgent problem to be solved. This paper takes the representative internet buzzwords of 2008–2018 as a sample case to study Chinese internet buzzwords from the perspective of cultural context, striving to translate the internet buzzwords in the most appropriate way and convey the Chinese culture behind it.


Internet buzzwords; Cross-cultural communication; Chinese-English translation; Cultural context


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