On The Use of Euphemism with Politeness Principles and its Implications for College English Teaching



Euphemism, as a linguistic and cultural phenomenon, contributes greatly to people’s daily communication. The proper use of euphemism is helpful in avoiding harm and offending to others. Meanwhile, the use of euphemism, featured with the use of cultured and indirect language, always complies with politeness principle accordingly, which reveals certain humanistic spirits. This paper mainly discusses how to use English euphemism from the perspective of Politeness Principle. Through analysis, the author pointed out that euphemism should be properly used in certain degree of politeness, and the use of direct and indirect method of applying euphemism in college English teaching can help achieve the successful communication and promotion of English teaching and learning.


Euphemism; Politeness Principles; College English

Publication Date

2017-02-02 19:47:15


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