Research on the Efficiency of Local Government Medical and Health Resources Allocation under Market Economy System

Jia-qi FENG


In studying the relevant contents of the market economy system, there are few contents about the allocation of health resources, and the allocation standards related to social equity and economic efficiency are different in various places, and the problem of low allocation efficiency of local governments arises. This puts forward a study on the efficiency of local government medical and health resources allocation under the market economy system. With the support of the framework of the market economy system, the issue of economic and fair benefits is analyzed. According to the principle of optimal resource allocation, construct a three-dimensional structure in order to maximize national investment and benefits. Under the established premise of the market economy system, the optimal medical resource allocation Pareto is determined to measure the efficiency of medical and health resource allocation. Empirical analysis is carried out by using radar charts to analyze the financial capacity of health resource allocation as the main tool. The results of the case analysis show that the radar chart of resource allocation efficiency under the market economy system is in line with the actual situation and is suitable for the establishment of a multi-level medical system in China.


Market economy system, Local government, Medical and health resources, Allocation efficiency


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