Investigation and Analysis of Entrepreneurship of Civil-engineering College Students—Take YanShan University's School of Construction and Engineering as an Example

Peng-cheng PAN, Hai-lin ZHANG, Hua-xuan TANG, Shan ZHANG


College students' entrepreneurship is a process of taking college students as the main body of entrepreneurship. With the recent transformation of China and the intensification of social employment pressure, entrepreneurship has gradually become a hot choice for college students. Construction engineering is a traditional engineering specialty, which occupies an important position in many engineering colleges and universities. It is worthy for educators to discuss the characteristics and problems of construction engineering students' entrepreneurship and how to guide and solve them. Based on the school of engineering and construction of YanShan university, this paper studied the characteristics and existing problems of entrepreneurs through more than 320 questionnaires to help the development of entrepreneurship of college students.


College students’ entrepreneurship, Survey, Problem, Countermeasures


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