Theoretical and Practical Research on Structured and Semi-structured Flipped Classroom Teaching

Xiao-hui WANG, Ting WANG, Jian-ming DONG


This paper mainly discusses the effectiveness of flipped and semi-flipped classroom teaching. Flipped classroom teaching is an effective way of learning for students and education pattern for teachers embedding information technology with the features of reversing traditional teaching procedures. It is mainly based on mastering learning theory, constructivism theory and blended learning theory. The semi-structured and structured flipped classroom, characterized by partially and fully flipped, has shown different teaching and learning effects in nearly three years of practice. Structured flipped classroom teaching is appropriate for the students who have good English foundation and strong learning initiative, and it can maximize the efficiency of personalized learning. The semi-structured flipped classroom is fit for students who lack of self-discipline in learning but have a relatively good foundation of English.


Structured Flipped Classroom Teaching, Semi-structured Flipped Classroom Teaching, Flipped Classroom Teaching


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