Research on Business Model Innovation of Enterprise Based on PuShi Technology Company

Qiang-nan ZHAN, Kun XIONG, Yong-jiang ZHANG


In this paper, the PuShi Technology Company is chosen as a case study object, and the nine-element model in the commercial canvas theory is used as the basis of the case study. Firstly the theoretical foundations are obtained through literature research and then three recommendations for business model innovation of the entrepreneurial enterprises are obtained through case study and investigation methods: (1) Focus on subdivisional fields and vertically deep cultivation; (2) Pay attention to the accumulation of advantages and timely transformation and upgrading; (3) Focus on broadening the source of income and economizing on expenditure. Finally, we will extend the research conclusion to provide a practical business model improvement for most start-up enterprises.


Business model innovation, Business model canvas, Start-up enterprises, PuShi technology company


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